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Reviews and Testimonials

The authors are to be congratulated on producing a book that will appeal to a large audience. Physicians of all specialties will find it particularly useful. Others in the medical field such as nurse practitioners and physician assistants will also find it of value. Even the lay person can find this book informative. Drs. Ahmad and Hill have written a book that is a complete and thorough guide to cannabis that is most timely and highly informative.

Benjamin Sadock, MD

Menas S Gregory Professor of Psychiatry 

New York University School of Medicine and NYU Langone Medical Center

This timely medical marijuana clinical handbook is the most comprehensive and best book on the topic in my opinion. Excellently written, the book provides an enormous amount of concise and clinically relevant information on everything related to medical cannabis including historical and regulatory aspects, the dizzying diversity of the many cannabis constituent components, review of the endocannabinoid system, relevant pharmacology, therapeutic preparations and the existing and potential clinical applications of medical cannabis throughout medicine, psychiatry and neurology. This book is an indispensable resource for all clinicians interested to learn more about the science and practice of the medicinal potential of cannabis.

Stephen Ross, MD

Director, New York University Addictive Disorders & Experimental Therapeutics Research Laboratory

This is far more than just a clinical handbook. The authors have written an extremely comprehensive book that will give readers a more nuanced appreciation of cannabis. This includes its potential therapeutic value, its effects on the endocannabinoid system, and the parts its played in cultures throughout the world. The authors avoid the pitfall of voicing their own preconceived notions about cannabis and focus purely on the science and history of the plant. For anyone who wants to better understand where we are and where we are going — including those of us working to support the cannabis industry — this is necessary reading.

Joyce Cenali

Founding Partner & COO of Big Rock Partners, a strategic advisory firm serving investors and companies at the intersection of food, hospitality, and cannabis

Drs. Ahmad and Hill have written a very timely, unbiased book that presents the benefits and risks associated with the use of cannabis and that will help bring greater transparency to the debate over cannabis’ legitimacy as a therapeutic drug. Clearly written and very well organized, the book's second half allows readers the ability to jump between chapters to learn how THC and CBD affect different bodily systems. The first half of the book, meanwhile, provides an in-depth look at the pharmacology of both CBD and THC, examples of how cannabis has been used by numerous cultures for medicinal or ritualistic purposes, and a detailed timeline that follows the history of cannabis regulations in the United States through the 20th century. Though written primarily for healthcare practitioners and clinicians, anyone hoping to gain a greater understanding about cannabis and its therapeutic applications will find this work extremely informative and helpful.

Marion Mariathasan

CEO of Simplifya, the leading regulatory & compliance

software platform serving the cannabis industry

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