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The Green Wave: Voters Across Five States Approve Pro-Cannabis Proposals

The 2020 election did not deliver a decisive victory for either of the nation's two major parties, but cannabis had an overwhelming positive night. More than 66% of New Jersey voters approved Question 1, which will amend the state constitution to allow adults over the age of 21 to legally possess marijuana. In Arizona, a swing state, almost 60% of votes were cast in favor of Proposition 207, which will legalize the adult-use marijuana and allow individuals to petition the state for the expungement of previous marijuana offenses. A majority of voters in solidly Republican states also approved measures to allow adult-use cannabis (57% of voters in Montana), to create a medical marijuana program (74% of voters in Mississippi), or for both recreational and medicinal marijuana (54% and 70% of South Dakotan voters, respectively).

As these numbers indicate, the American people are now voting overwhelmingly in support of medical marijuana programs. They have also become more supportive of legalizing adult use marijuana, even if such support is tempered in states that identify as more conservative. Given this "green shift" in public opinion, it seems likely that proposals in favor of legalizing medical marijuana and adult use will begin turning up more frequently even in very conservative states.

As the regulatory landscape changes over the coming years, we hope to continue to update this site to ensure an accurate resource for those who want to know the laws pertaining to adult use cannabis and details about medical marijuana programs in states where they are legal.

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