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Federal Monopoly on Cannabis Cultivation Appears to Be Coming to an End

For decades, cannabis researchers who received any federal funding were required to obtain cannabis samples from a farm based at the University of Mississippi. While seemingly unproblematic on paper, researchers who have relied on these samples have long complained about quality control, delays, and other problems, and they have urged the federal government to authorize some private companies to grow and manufacture cannabis and cannabis products explicitly for research purposes.

After years of stalling, the Drug Enforcement Agency announced that is moving forward with the approval of applications that were submitted during the Obama administration. Last Friday, May 14, the DEA conditionally approved the applications of at least three companies: Biopharmaceutical Research Company, Scottsdale Research Institute, and Groff NA Hemplex LLC. It is not clear if more applications are expected to be provisionally approved in the near future.

Marijuana Moment has more.

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