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CBD May Be Effective at Treating Diabetes-Induced Arrhythmia

In a recently published paper in the British Journal of Pharmacology, researchers Mohamed A. Fouda, Mohammad-Reza Ghovanloo, and Peter C. Ruben of the Department of Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia found that cannabidiol (CBD) may be effective at treating arrhythmia associated with diabetes-related hyperglycemia.

The team hypothesized that hyperglycemia, via oxidative stress, can lead to adverse effects on Nav1.5 channels, which regulate the electrical signals that contract the muscle tissue in the heart. They are effectively responsible for the heart’s beat. Interfering with these channels, therefore, would produce arrhythmia. They reasoned that use of a potent antioxidant, such as CBD, would restore normal function to Nav1.5 channels.

Their study found that CBD was effective at treating arrhythmia associated with hyperglycemia.

“Cannabidiol is approved for treating some seizure disorders caused by the same kind of abnormal sodium-channel function, but in the brain,” Ruben told SFU News. “Since arrhythmias are like little seizures in the heart, we correctly hypothesized that CBD could potentially be used to treat the kind of cardiac arrhythmias that can arise from hyperglycemia.”

The team hopes to soon test their hypothesis in a clinical setting.

You can read the full study here.

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