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Northern Mariana Islands

There is no formal medical marijuana program in the Northern Mariana Islands, but adults over the age of 21 are free to possess various forms of cannabis, regardless of THC content. They may also gift certain amounts of cannabis to other adults over the age of 21. These amounts include includes:
•    1 oz of flower marijuana
•    16 oz of cannabis products in solid form
•    72 oz of cannabis products in liquid form
•    5 g of cannabis extract
•    6 immature cannabis plants

It should be remembered that, while marijuana has been legalized, it may not be consumed in public and drugged driving is strictly prohibited. Cultivation is allowed. House Bill 20-178 allows registered adults to cultivate no more than 6 mature and 12 immature plants per household, but individuals cannot possess more than 8 oz of home-grown marijuana. Individuals may be allowed to double the amount of plants they are allowed to grow if their physician deems that larger quantities of marijuana are necessary. Patients, including those under the age of 21, may be recommended marijuana by a physician if they have a debilitating condition, including one of the following:
•    ADD/ADHD (attention deficit disorder/attention deficit hyperactive disorder)
•    ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis)
•    Alzheimer’s disease
•    Asthma
•    Cancer
•    Cerebral palsy
•    Crohn’s disease
•    Diabetes
•    Glaucoma
•    Hepatitis C
•    Multiple sclerosis
•    Muscular dystrophy
•    Parkinson’s disease
•    PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder)
•    Traumatic brain injury
•    Ulcerative colitis
•    Wilson’s disease
Or if they have a chronic or debilitating disease that causes one of the following:
•    Cachexia 
•    Severe nausea
•    Severe pain
•    Severe and persistent muscle spasms
•    Seizures

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